(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. join, fraternize, ally, combine (with); unite, connect, relate, link. See connection, relation. —n. friend, comrade; colleague, co-worker, partner. See accompaniment, auxiliary,combination.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. comrade, colleague, cohort, peer, partner, copartner, companion, friend, ally, buddy, crony, alter ego, accomplice, abettor, assistant, attendant, henchman, confederate, auxiliary, co-operator, co-worker, co-helper, co-conspirator, accessory, coadjutor, collaborator, confrere, fellow-worker, compatriot, comrade in arms, brother-in-arms, right hand, right-hand man, compeer, yokefellow, mate, teammate, partner in crime, sidekick*, stooge*, plant*, ringer*.
Ant. enemy*, foe, antagonist.
Syn.- associate refers to a person who is frequently in one's company, usually because of shared work [ business associates] ; colleague denotes a co-worker, esp. in one of the professions, and may or may not imply a personal relationship [ one of my colleagues at the university ] ; companion always refers to a person who actually accompanies one and usually implies a close, personal relationship [ a dinner companion , the companions of one's youth ] ; comrade refers to a close associate and implies a sharing in activities and fortunes [comrades in arms ] ; ally refers to one joined with another for a common purpose or for support and is applied esp. to a government joined with another or others in a common pursuit, as war; a confederate is one who joins with another or others for some common purpose, esp. in some unlawful act; an accomplice is one who unites with another or others in an unlawful act v.
1. [To keep company with]
Syn. have relations with, be intimate with, fraternize with, join with, keep company with, consort with, mingle with, socialize with, be friendly with, get along with, hobnob with, mix with, work with, hang around with*, hang out with*, run around with*, take up with*, mess around with*, hook up with*, keep in with*, gang up with*, pal around with*; see also join 2 .
Ant. leave*, break off relations with, sever a friendship.
2. [To relate]
Syn. correlate, link, connect; see compare 1 .
3. [To form an organization]
Syn. incorporate, affiliate, ally, unite, federate, amalgamate, take out a charter; see also unite 1 .
Ant. disband*, dissolve, break up.
4. [To combine]
Syn. unite, blend, connect; see join 1 .
See Synonym Study at join .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
colleague, co-worker, peer, partner, teammate, affiliate, ally, companion, confederate, consort, accomplice, friend, fellow.
1. think of together link, identify, correlate, group, affiliate, relate, pair.
2. mingle with hang out, hobnob, befriend, fraternize, consort, run with.
ANT.: 1. disassociate, separate. 2. shun, estrange, alienate
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb 1. To unite or be united in a relationship: affiliate, ally, bind, combine, conjoin, connect, join, link, relate. See CONNECT. 2. To be with as a companion: consort, fraternize, hang around, hobnob, run (around), troop. Slang: hang out. Idiom: rub elbows (or shoulders). See NEAR. 3. To come or bring together in one's mind or imagination: bracket, connect, correlate, couple, identify, link. See SAME. II noun 1. One who is united in a relationship with another: affiliate, ally, cohort, colleague, confederate, copartner, fellow, partner. See CONNECT. 2. One who shares interests or activities with another: chum, companion, comrade, crony, fellow, mate. Informal: buddy, pal. See NEAR. 3. One that accompanies another: accompaniment, attendant, companion, concomitant. See ACCOMPANIED.

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